Ernst Buermeyer


Margret Buermeyer of Lubeck wrote:

"Your grandfather had a very serious life. When he was a young man (35 years old) he got infantile paralysis (Polio) and he always needed help until his death in 1948. He was confined to a wheelchair which his chauffeur would push. The chauffeur took care of Ernst. He had a successful business in Bremen repairing jewelry and fixing clocks.

I remember every summer your grandparents with their children Carl and Enna would spend their holidays in Miendorf Ostsee (sp?). They stayed in the Gahammsens Hotel (sp?). Directly in front of the hotel was the sea bridge and the chauffeur brought your grandfather to the foot of the bridge. There he sat in his wheelchair watching the children play from morning until lunch.

During the afternoon they drove through the region. Often they visited my parents in Lubeck or we would visit them. This all changed during the war when the Americans bombed Bremen and your grandparents lost their shop and the private house. The family was faced with utter ruin. Relations in Buer could help and gave them rooms for the family. Also the grandmother of your father. I think they lived there for two or three years . Your grandfather repaired clocks day after day for people from the village. Your grandmother worked in the kitchens. After the war your grandparents got a small apartment in Bremen . After your grandfather died in 1948 your grandmother tried to open a little shop, first as a rooming house. Later they rebuilt their shop and apartment with the financial help from your great Uncle Karl."

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