Reverand Ferdinand F. Buermeyer
   George Buermeyer writes: "This pic is from a 25th anniversary brochure "History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Reading, Pa", 1928. FFB was missionary pastor there Nov, 1903 - Jan, 1910, so that probably dates the photo, although it could be as late as 1928."

   Reverand Ferdinand was also listed as a pastor for the Lutheran St. John's English Lutheran Academy in Wilkes-Barre. Henry Ernst IV wrote: Ferdinand became a Lutheran clergyman. Had a church in Brooklyn for many years and then became executive director of the Lutheran Missionary Society with headquarters in New York City."

   Ferdinand's career was written in an article shortly after his death titled:

Heart Attack Fatal to the Rev.Dr.Buermeyer

"Effects of a heart attack proved fatal to the Rev. Dr. Ferdinand Frederic Buermeyer, former pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Shillington, and first city missionary of the New York City Inner Mission Society.

   Death occurred Sunday at his home, 520 Greenwich street. He was aged 87 years, 8 months, and 24 days.

   Dr. Buermeyer was born in New York city, April 13, 1846, the son of Ernest and Louis Buermeyer. He was graduated from the College of the City of New York and the Philadelphia Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1871 and was also educated abroad.

   Receives Degree in 1903. He received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Hartwick Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1903. His first charge was at St. John's Church, Wilkes-Barre. He served there from 1871 until 1882. His other charges were Epiphany, New York City, 1882 to 1891: Trinity, New Holland, 1891 to 1899; Grace, Shillington, 1902 to 1909.

   During 1903 and for several succeeding years the Rev. Dr. Buermeyer conducted services in Redeemer Church, Fern and Anglican streets, this city. With the Rev. M.C. Horine he served as supply pastor giving services to the congregation gratis.

In Mission Post 13 Years

   Dr. Buermeyer assumed missionary post in New York city in 1910 and continued in this capacity until 1923. During this time he did extensive work in the city's hospitals,prisons and public institutions.

   Surviving him are two children, Emily L. Buermeyer with whom he made his residence, and a son, Laurence Ladd Buermeyer of New York City.

   His wife, Hannah (Ladd) who preceded him in death, was a native of Reading.

   Interment will be made in Memorial Mausoleum Wyomissing Hills. Funeral Director Hunter Henninger will have charge of the arrangements which will be private at the convenience of the family.

   Reading Eagle, January 8th, 1934. Page 14.

   This too was found on the web: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wilkes-Barre; organized in the "long room" in Music hall, November 3, 1872, by Rev. F. F. Buermeyer. A frame church edifice was erected in 1874 on the corner of Academy and Dana place, where Mr. Buermeyer held the first service, August 30, 1874. During 1891 a handsome rectory was built in the rear of the church on Dana place. The present membership is 255. The pastors have been Rev. F. F. Buermeyer, November 3, 1872, to April 9, 1882;

   Ferdinand married Hannah E. (Ladd). Here's information on Hannah's lineage found on the web:

   Samuel W. Ladd, who died in Reading, Pa., in 1864, was for some years engaged in a mercantile business in that city. He was born in November, 1840, in Connecticut, son of Stephen A. and Hannah (Kingsbury) Ladd, and a descendant of the English progenitor, who came from the mother country at an early day and settled in New England.

    Stephen A. Ladd, father of Samuel W., was a farmer in Connecticut all of his life, and in that State he and his wife died. They were the parents of six children as follows: Annie, m. to Giles Meacham; Sarah, Sabrina, m. to a Stacey; Mary, who died single; John; and Samuel W. In religious belief the family were Congregationalists. Politically they were a family of Abolitionists, and were strongly allied with the Whig party, and later, on the organization of the Republican party, they were prominent in that organization's ranks.

    Samuel W. Ladd was educated in Connecticut, and came to Reading, Pa., as the representative of an old and substantial Massachusetts insurance company. He was later engaged in the mercantile business, which he followed until 1864, when his death occurred. Mr. Ladd married Amanda Shalter, daughter of Francis B. and Hannah (Seidel) Shalter, and to them were born six children: Lillie m. to John B. Otto, of Williamsport; Charles R., deceased; Hannah E., m. to Rev. F. F. Buermeyer; Evelyn E., m. to Dr. Milton H. Valentine; Annie E., deceased; Lura, m. to. Dr. John W. Lowe. In religious belief Mr. Ladd was Lutheran, to which faith Mrs. Ladd, who survived him until Jan. 29, 1909, also adhered. In politics he was a stanch Republican.