Friedrich Wilhelm Buermeyer

b.1809 d.August 23, 1864

   Friedrich Wilhelm Buermeyer was born in 1809. He married Anna Margaretha Eikemeyer in 1835. Anna was born in Jemgum (northwest Germany) and was the daughter of Hinderk Pieters Eikemeyer and Pryntje Frederike (Juel?).

   The following documents are from genealogist Gerhard Detert who has a maternal link with Friedrich's sister, Clara Elizabeth Buermeyer, born in 1800. These documents were found in the Amsterdam Civil Registration registry:

Marriage: 1835

    The first document describes the marriage of Friedrich Wilhelm Buermeyer with Anna Margaretha Eikemeyer in 1835. Friedrich's father, Clamor Adolf and mother, Clara Maria (Koring) are also named in the document.

Friedrich Wilhelm Buermeyer Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

   The second document is Friedrich's death certificate. Gerhard Detert writes: "The date of his death is very difficult to read, but I think August 23rd, 1864 is correct."

FW Buermeyer death certificate

Marriage and Divorce

   The third document describes the marriage of Franciscus Mulder to Friedrich's daughter, Henrika Wilhelmina (Buermeyer) on August 6th, 1862, shortly before the birth of their only child Anna Mulder.

    The document also documents the divorce of the couple four years later.

Anna Mulder's Birth

    The fourth document records the birth of Anna Wilhelmina Mulder in 1862 to Henrika Wilhelmina (Buermeyer) and Franciscus Mulder.

Anna Wilhelmina Birth Certificate

Henrika's Second Marriage

   The fifth document records Henrika's second marriage to Johan Coenraad Baarslag on October 26th, 1899 and her divorce to Franciscus Mulder.

Henrika Buermeyer's second marriage

Friedrich's Branch

    Gerhard Detert also sent Friedrich Wilhelm's immediate family tree. Notice Friedrich and Anna had twins who died in infancy. This marks the third set of twins recorded in our nine generations of Buermeyers.

Friedrich Wilhelm Buermeyer's Family Tree

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