Herbert Buermeyer
Herbert Buermeyer


Henry Ernst IV wrote: "My uncle Herbert was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War I, 1917-1918, and was one of the first officers to be killed in action. There is a memorial to his memory in Prospect Park in Brooklyn."

Herbert A. Buermeyer was a prominent athlete, taking after his celebrated uncle, Henry Buermeyer.

As a star half back and captain of the soccer team, Herbert graduated at Columbia in 1916 and took a post-graduate course, receiving his Master's degree in 1917. He entered the Officer's Training Camp at Plattsburg in May, 1917. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in August and sailed the following month to France. Three months after arriving overseas he was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned to the 9th Infantry, the same infantry that his uncle Henry served in the Civil War!

His mother, Phoebe Buermeyer (193 St. John's Place, Brooklyn) received notice that her son was killed in action on July 2nd.

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