The Witt Family Lineage Christian Witte Family Tree from 1670 Photos of the Witt/Rubbert Family

   The purpose of this web site is to try to generate contact with families who may be connected with our lineage. I know very little about my mother's side of the family, but there are a few key facts that may help you recognize a connection.

Fritz Witt-1970

   My grandfather was a ship's captain during the early 20th century. He was Fritz Heinrich Johannes Witt, born December 20th, 1888. He comes from a long line of maritime captains. His name was derived from Witte. He was also a skilled miniature ship builder. A number of his wood carvings are in the Hamburg Maritime Museum. Fritz died in 1975.

Maria Eggers

   Fritz's mother's name was Maria Catharina Magdalena Eggers. She died in 1913. Fritz's father, Fritz Witt, was born October 5th, 1852 and died in South America in 1892.

Martha Witt

   Fritz was married to Martha (Rubbert). She was born on July 12, 1900 and died in 1980. They had two children. Fritz Peter Witt, born March 15th, 1925 and my mother, Margot Witt, born May 13th, 1931.

   "The Family Tree" has extensive information on various branches of the lineage. Click on the "Family Tree" button at the top of the page or explore individual surnames posted at the bottom of this page. If you feel there maybe a connection with our lineages, please contact me at the following link:

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Here are surnames in our lineage. Click on a name to explore individual family branches:

Meyer(2) Meyer(3) gold Wilckens Zimmerhaeckel Rueland Hoeft Petersen Wolf Ippon Irgens Weigand Irge Ahrends Gerkins Gerkins(2) Grimm Haenel Engel Schwartau Eggers Wirth Mertz Biel Freiwald Buermeyer Rubbert Rubbert(2) Coulter Dayco(Daycock) Schultz Schultz(2) Kremslin Frickert Chan Zepplies Ohrt Popleu Gilbert Bolzmann Liebold Betsler Dietrich Schmidt Hempel Klinke Docke Harms Harms(2) Stehr Heins House Albani Steibritz Eichmuller Dick Kanold Hautz Viether Zander Wobbe Adamkewics Bergmann Beyer Borstelmann Brandenburg Brunshagen Delas Ehrics Frahm Franck Heinaman Hess Kampfer Kiricki Krishman Langeloh Lanker Lutjens Mohr Moller Mulle Muller Nohm Nordhausen Ohrt(2) Peters Peterson Pohlmann Propf Puttjer Radke Roglin Sander Sommer Sralota Stemmpol Stuven Tressel Vierkandt Buhr Eckermann Elke Hauer Hinre Hoffer Kusel Lem Lossidi Marck Pape Schneider Uthardt Meyer Hoffmann Gericks Ritscher

Eric Buermeyer

   Eric Buermeyer is a filmmaker and videographer. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1956. His parents emigrated to Canada shortly after the war. His brother, John and sister, Barbara were also born and raised in Canada.

A Link to the Paternal side of the family.