The Gunda Buermeyer


Herman Broecker Wedding

August 27th, 1943

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   The brief opening sequence is the Buermeyer farm where our ancestors were born and raised dating back to the mid-1600's. We then see the St. Martini Church in the town of Buer where, with so many other ancestors in our lineage, Gunda and Herman Broecker were married.

Hans BroeckerThe film was shot by Herman's brother, Hans Broecker, a successful film director with UFA studios in Berlin when the film was shot. Hans ultimately became a news cameraman/director in Hollywood, California. His career culminated with an assignment filming the Apollo 11 splashdown and return of the first men to walk on the moon.


Who's Who in the Film

Carl and Mary Buermeyer

    Carl Buermeyer was the co-owner of Gebruder Thiele a metal manufacturing business. He's seen with his wife, Mary (Luders). The couple had two daughters who died in 1924.
Anne Buermeyer   
   Anne (Sharbeau) married Ernst Buermeyer (b. 1884). They ran a jewellery shop in Bremen. They had two children, Carl and Enna; my father and aunt.

August Buermeyer

       August, brother of Carl Friedrich and Ernst, was born in 1880. He is seen with his wife, Anna (Kreft). They had a large farm in Schlewig-Holstein in northern Germany. They had one daughter, Margret.

Friedrich Buermeyer

   Friedrich Buermeyer (b.1887) is Carl, Ernst and August's brother. He is also Gunda's father. He ran the Buermeyer farm. Friedrich, seen with his son-in-law's mother, died in 1953.
Marie Grolle Buermeyer   
   Marie was the sister of Carl, Ernst, August and Friedrich. She died shortly after with Parkinson's disease. She was 68 years old. Marie married Ernst Grolle in 1900.

Enna Buermeyer

Enna Buermeyer (b.1927) was my aunt. Enna inheritated the jewellery store in Bremen.
Gunda Buermeyer

         Gunda and Herman had two children, Hartmut (b.1945) and Jochen (b.1948). They owned a grocery store in Dissen, Germany. Herman died in 1981. Gunda died in 1997.